Programming & More Info

Spend the day with us at Berkeley Spark on Saturday, July 18 in Civic Center Park!


Innovation & Interactive Art Experiences & More

A number of Bay Area artists will be at the Festival sharing the designs and build project before it heads out to Burning Man!

alGAS Biotech is a start up company rooted in the Berkeley area. Their mission is to create organic batteries derived from conductive polymers and algae based materials. alGAS Biotech is part of a bigger vision knows as Berkeley BioLabs which is a small business accelerator and incubator. Together these two entities will be demonstrating the background of their development as well as opportunities for learning and fostering new innovations. Please see the meetup group for Berkeley Biolabs events and visit alGAS Biotech at their website,, or facebook page, for more info.

Aux Industries is a Richmond based team creating interactive LED installations, wearable technology and optical illusion art. They design and fabricate custom lighting for local businesses, musicians, artists, clubs, festivals and museums. For Berkeley Spark they are pleased to bring addressable LED Sconces to sell and our popular infini-tea table to play with. Come have a photo shoot amongst our glowing tetrahedrons or get a lighting consultation for your Burning Man project or garden party!

Berkeley Spark’s Playspace will be hosting a variety of DIY workshops and Burner Hacks as well as throughout the park where you can learn best practices for shade structures, water, energy, food, and so much more,

Camera Obscura To Go – This incredible project is lead by designer/builder Chris De Monterey, who has been involved with camera obscuras for decades…wait until you step inside and experience his full-scale camera obscura from the inside.

Meet owner/designer Segue Fischlin and one of her electric-assist cargotrikes. Once you’ve met her and seen what she’s designed, you’re going to want one of her creations!

Photography by Leori ~ Leori has been a photographer for about 25 years and she’s especially drawn to vibrant color, patterns of light and shadow, and capturing moments in time.  You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. This year you will find Leori capturing us in images at Berkeley Spark and you can also find her at Burning Man’s Decompression, PrecompressionThe Temple of Promise build site in Alameda, the East Bay Burner meet ups and other local community events.

PocketMe is a 3D Photo Booth is located on Shattuck Ave between Allston and Kittredge. Stop by to experience seventy cameras that will instantly capture a 3D image of you, your loved one, or your pet. Customers can order lifelike figurines in various sizes that will arrive by mail. They will be at Berkeley Spark talking about their design and how you can experience your own 3D image!

Steamy Tech Since 2012, Lora and Greg Price have been using laser cutters and 3-D printers to build steampunk inspired kinetic art available as completed products or as kits to build yourself. They are pleased to be creating Steamy Tech labs a new place for you to join us and create your own customized pieces without having to be an expert with the tools. Come by our booth and create your own light-up pins on our laser and then decorate it for yourself.

The Temple of Promise is brought to you by The Dreamers Guild, a new collective of builders, artists, caretakers, and dreamers and they are honored that their first project as a team will be to build the Temple for Burning Man in 2015.  Stop by Berkeley Spark to meet them, ask questions, learn how to get involved, and see one of the Temple’s “ribs” up close and person as well as other sculptures they are building as part of the project.

To give you an idea of how incredible this project is, the Temple of Promise will be at Burning Man, welcoming participants through an archway soaring 97 feet overhead. Once inside, the structure curves in on itself, tapering in width and height down to just 7 feet tall. Along the way, alcoves formed by the supporting arches, as well as wooden sculptures reminiscent of stones in a stream, create altars and semi-private spaces for individuals and smaller gatherings. The lines of the curved wooden walls draw the eye inward and create a canvas for written messages and mementos. As the path continues to curve, it opens into the contemplative altar and the heart of the Temple: a grove of three sculpted trees. The branches are initially bare and participants will write messages on long strips of cloth and attach them to the trees, creating the gentle shade of Weeping Willows, increasing as the week progresses.

To learn more, join them in building this temple together. You can volunteer through their website,, reach out to them on Facebook to share your stories and join
them on the island of Alameda, California to help build this sanctuary, the
Temple of Promise.

Unaverz is a mutant vehicle currently being re-fabricated into a jellyfish out at American Steel by an extraordinary team of local welders, fabricators, artists, and designers and will be debuting it’s new designs with a number of local DJs spinning throughout the late afternoon and evening. Click here for images. Unaverz, is the brainchild of a traveller who never wanted to go to Burning Man and after 15 years, and finally did. Within a day he was committed to returning the following year with a gift that could be shared with the Playa and now the Bay Area. This gift is a two story, 30′ x 8′ mutant vehicle called Unaverz which is funded by Studio 1034. For more information and to donate, go to

The DJ Line up

Morning sound check up until 10:30am: “Lycon Catt” (Mike Hatt)
10:30-12:00 (1.5 hrs) “Apollo and Reflektor” (Keith and David)
12:00-1:00 (1 hour) “OnEsource” (Dj Osheen)
1:00-3:00 (2 hrs) “NUGZ of Dusty Rhino” (Brian Cox)
3:00-5:00 (2 hrs) “Nicky Nicky”
5:00-7:00 (2 hrs) “DJ LORYN (”
7:00-9:00 (2hrs) “Charlemagne and Alex Lin” (Charles and Alex)

Why the Nose? Tex Allen and his crew will be at Berkeley Spark spreading love around the world, person to person, one nose at a time.

Samavesha Triangle

This slice of happiness in the northwest corner of the park can be described as a blend of performing arts, acoustic music, interactive art and community engagement.

Laura Inserra of Samavesha (10:30am to 12noon) will be playing her mandala in the morning.

Samavesha is a multidisciplinary arts organization that brings performing art events to the community, explores the intersection of traditional art forms with contemporary artistic languages, and creates the awareness of the vital importance of creativity and art in human lives as a source of a healthy living.

Zach Pine will host a Create-With-Nature Zone throughout the day, inviting festival participants to join in and create ephemeral sculpture with rocks, leaves, flowers, shells, branches, pods, pine cones and other wonders of nature.

Claudia Anfuso will facilitate an Origami Station at which folks can learn to fold paper cranes and easy dollar-bill shirts (BYO dollar bills!).

And more surprises await you upon your arrival…

Dance Outside Berkeley Spark

Starting at 12noon, take off your shoes and dance, move, and listen to talented DJ’s from Barefoot Boogie, Soul Sanctuary DanceBerkeley Ecstatic JamEcstatic Dance Oakland,  and other local movement groups! They will be accepting donations on the DJ table to benefit Camp Rhythmwave on the playa.

12n – DJ Christina (Barefoot Boogie)
1:30pm – DJ Farzana (Soul Sanctuary Dance)
3pm – Marka Meeba (Berkeley Ecstatic Dance Jam)
4:30pm – Avani (Ecstatic Dance)
6:30pm – Live Sound Bath

& other programming in the Park

ArtIsMobilUs (throughout the day) will be bringing their AnyBodyCanPaint collaborative art wall along with their multi-purpose mobile art gallery bus bringing art to people everywhere while providing platforms for exhibition, arts education, creative collaboration, and community engagement. Look for the art wall in the middle of the park and make some art with everyone on the Happiness Wall!

Astro Botanicals are giant inflatable flowers made of fire retardant, UV resistant nylon Ripstop fabric. They have a small fan with a 20 foot power cord with LED rope lights inside with multiple color settings. Each inflatable has a carrying bag and three custom sandbags.

Brandon G. is a local artist.

Carter Brooks‘s Ice installation will be on view for festival goers to engage and interact while creating a space for conversation on global climate change. For more information, go to his Facebook page.

Grassroots Yoga (anytime of the day) Organize your own yoga gathering in Civic Center Park; connect to nature and with the community – en route to a soulful afternoon of Burning Man inspired art, culture, music and connection.

Happy D. Artist is an oil painter from the Bay Area specializing in portraits immersed in hypersaturated dream worlds, with touches of psychedelic influence.

Athletic Playground instructors will be hosting a Park Day, inviting everyone to try AcroYoga, hooping and more. This isn’t a class, just a place to experience movement in a variety of ways!

Burning Man Theme Camps & Affiliated Groups

A number of Burning Man theme camps will be at the festival sharing their camp’s style of hospitality with everyone at Civic Center Park.

Black Rock Scouts Imagine a scout troupe for burner kids… where they go on field trips to learn about their community, learn new skills, volunteer, do good deeds and experience Burning Man up close and personal. Stop by and meet Jay Marlette for more information and learn more about this year’s programming. You can also learn more about Jay and the kids on YouTube.

Burner Hacks are making an appearance at Berkeley Spark to discuss those cool, clever, innovative and just plain “why didn’t I think of that” things we can do to make our time at Burning man more comfortable, easier, more fun, safer, or better in some way. Creative ways to deal with cooking, lighting, water, washing up, greywater, outfits, shade, events planning, travel, bikes, hygiene, the dust, food and anything else that comes up out on the playa. Let’s get hacking! They will also be making an appearance at the East Bay Burner meet-up in August.

The Flamingo Trap will be hosting a  crafternoon at Berkeley Spark – they will be providing a selection of homogenous lawn decorations – aka pink flamingos – along with a bunch of craft supplies and candy to help get our creative juices flowing. Everyone is invited to help transform, decorate and customize a flamingo into a unique work of art which will then be part  of a “Mutant Flamingo Flock” on the playa.  Talk about community engagement and a great opportunity to make new friends along the way!

Sacred Spaces Village is offering a chill dome for participants on the Allston Way side of the park.

The Pongo Lounge is a local Bay Area theme camp which, on-Playa, provides visual appealing games to all participants. This year at Berkeley Spark 3.0 they will be providing another cozy chill and play space for festival goers right next to Unaverz.

Beer & Mead Garden in the Fountain Area of the Park

Are you into local libations, cuisine and performance art? Join us at Berkeley Spark’s Beer & Wine Garden from 1pm-7pm.  We’d love to see you bring your own 12 oz cup; we willl also have compostable cups available.

Dan Cook, co-owner of The Mead Kitchen will be pouring a couple of different hand-crafted meads. Dan believes that mead is neither wine or beer and it’s actually “the 3rd leg of the alcohol tripod” and from what we’ve heard, mead has been referred to as the “Drink of Poets” and the “Nectar of the Gods.” Stop by and let us know what you think?

We are happy to announce Trumer Brewery here in Berkeley is our beer vendor for this year’s Festival.  They specialize in brewing the exquisite Trumer Pilsner which is characterized by its light body, vigorous carbonation,  enticing aroma, perfect head of foam,  and clean, crisp finish.  Trumer Pils is more than the definition of a great Pilsner;  Trumer Pils is The Perfect Pilsner.    Prost!

And stop by to see Theresa of Tamales Acapulco as she will be serving up her authentic and very popular tacos, pupusas, tacos and tamales!

B-Side Cipher: Spark a Fire! (2pm – 6pm) will be hosting a pop-up Hip-Hop performance with an open mic cipher and dance floor with a free Breaking workshop with local Bboy 510traVES from 3pm – 4pm. Come on down and check them out!

Artisans Market, Tech Businesses & Non-Profits

Starting at 10am Berkeley Spark 3.0′s Artisans Market will highlight more than 40 local and regional local artisans, food crafters, innovation and technology companies, community groups, non-profits and more.

Bring your friends and loved ones and enjoy a day and evening in the park with us…we look forward to seeing you there!

How to Get to Berkeley Spark

Take the DOWNTOWN Berkeley BART station which is two blocks east of Civic Center Park.

Leave your bike at the Berkeley Bike Station located at 2208 Shattuck Avenue. Their hours on Saturday are from 11am – 7pm or you can purchase a BikeLink card online or at any Bike Station for 24/7 access.

By bus? Go to to organize your trip to Berkeley Spark.

Walk, ride your bike, car pool.