2015 Artisans, Innovators & Non-Profits

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Acupressure Associates – Hulda Nystrom and Araminta Thorne are graduates of the Acupressure Institute and have years of private and clinical experience. Their main modalities are Tui Na Chinese medical massage; acupressure; craniosacral and reflexology – on table or on chair and they see themselves less as healers than as facilitators for self-healing, as conduits for Universal Energy or as “jumper cables”.

Animal Ethics provides online and print information about the ways nonhuman animals are impacted by human attitudes and activities. They give talks, have an Animal Ethics education day and run essay prize contests. In addition, they provide help to animal advocacy groups and sanctuaries in developing educational materials.

Astro Botanicals are giant inflatable flowers made of fire retardant, UV resistant nylon Ripstop fabric. They have a small fan with a 20 foot power cord with LED rope lights inside with multiple color settings. Each inflatable has a carrying bag and three custom sandbags.

Astral Chrysalis Designs is the lovechild of Azalyne Skye & Aurelius Rune, creating original art, laser engraved, filigree, wearable leather clothing and accessories and infuse each piece with love, intention, integrity and magic. Each design is an original works of art with original patterns created from their wild and visionary imaginations. They’ve created custom pieces for an Indy Film in NY, National Theatre Productions and even had one of their first hats purchased by ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Their current line includes several styles of Men and Women’s Hats, Men’s Corvidae Modular Holster/Hip Belt, Women’s Chrysalis Modular Holster/Hip Belt, Astral Firebird Starfire Skirt Belt, Astral Firebird Phoenix Vest and many other unique designs.

A Tough of Glass are two artist that have merged grandfather and wind up watch parts into wearable art from top hats, goggles, flasks, and custom jewelry. They also have hundreds of charms where the customer can get involved into designing their own pieces of work.

Aurelia Style is a fun, feminine, and unique style that embodies true expression and reveals an earthy, playful and elegant fashion statement. Many of my creations are made up of “up cycled” materials; fabric scraps from interesting clothes, vintage buttons and materials found in nature with the goal of providing you with a beloved addition to your collection that tells the world you’re not afraid to be yourself.

Aux Industries is a Richmond based team creating interactive LED installations, wearable technology and optical illusion art. They design and fabricate custom lighting for local businesses, musicians, artists, clubs, festivals and museums. For Berkeley Spark they are pleased to bring addressable LED Sconces to sell and our popular infini-tea table to play with. Come have a photo shoot amongst our glowing tetrahedrons or get a lighting consultation for your Burning Man project or garden party!

Bay Area Media Sports Center is a non-profit organization that seeks to increase career opportunities for low-skilled young people in the Bay Area through technical training in the broadcast industry. Based in Berkeley they offer classroom and hand-on training in all aspects of radio and television broadcasting through a free six-month instructional program directed by local industry professionals.

Cinder Garden Steampunk Designs vends gently-used & vintage clothing, reworked and hand-made garments made from upcycled home linens, upholstery fabric samples, used clothing and found objects. She doesn’t use any new fabrics, so using Obtainium makes her clothing truly unique and affordably chic and offers upcycled findings so you can DIY your Steampunk outfit. At Berekley Spark she’ll be vending from her Little-Shop-On-Wheels, Bettie Dawn, a 1967 travel trailer.

Dreamtime clothing and art are designed for soul-ful self expression, through connection with nature. Created in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and in Bali, Indonesia, Dreamtime uses fair labor practices and adheres to planet and people-friendly production ideals. Their design influences include patterns found in nature and respect for indigenous peoples of the Earth and their tribal art and many of their designs were conceived with the traveler in mind and heart: versatility, durability, freedom of movement and utility on the dance floor or on the streets.

GOTTA LOVE KETTLE CORN! Love is the reason why this husband and wife team started GOTTA LOVE KETTLE CORN! Love for their kids is what motivated them to start a family – run business, where they could show and teach the many valuable life lessons: the value of hard work, responsibility, trust, respect, honesty, appreciation, and most importantly love. They are instilling these good values into their children at a young age so they can have a stronger foundation later on as they look back on their humbling experiences. Aside from that fact, kettle corn is an all-time favorite; a perfect snack that will really hit home. What’s not to love about kettle corn? You’ve GOTTA LOVE KETTLE CORN!

Gneiss Wood Artists/designer Adam Hubenig is an Oakland-based artist and his original work is inspired by things that open the heart–nature, poetry, mindfulness, and love. He also encourages custom designs, and is happy to help your creative idea manifest into a personal and unique piece of art.

Griffin Wings is a local San Francisco based company designing Men and Women’s Clothes, Accessories & Jewelry.

gphomestay knows that meaningful cross-cultural relationships foster great human understanding across our planet. Their mission is to facilitate these impactful relationships by matching international students with warm and welcoming American host families, which provide a positive impact on the lives of these students. They are pleased to announce that Maybeck, Bishop O’Dowd, Mercy, Moreau, Redwood and Holy Names high schools have partnered with gphomestay’s residential program!

Hats by Grace frequents festivals, fairs, conventions, and other events and their primary focuses are Vintage, Steampunk and fantasy. No two hats are exactly the same and they take pride in their ability to up-cycle. With Hats Buy Grace, there is no such thing as old junk; for them, it is a chance to make something new from something old. We love that they took place in the Milford Ct Hospital Auxiliary fashion show.

Hipstirr Belts are handcrafted using high quality leather and accessories and feature a variety of pockets and pouches perfect for all your gear. Keep your hands free and your hips moving… get your dance on! Hipstirr designs locally and produces globally… creating within our world communities and collectively working towards a sustainable future.

It Works Global is a health and wellness line of products – there is a product for all people from their amazing Skin Care line, lifestyle and their fabulous greens.

Kayo Anime designs the bridge between reality and non-reality by combining the non- reality of anime with the reality of street fashion. KAYO transforms the wearers into different characters, characters that they create within themselves (one of their alter-egos so to speak), bringing out the different part of them with what they wear each day.

Kinetic Couture creates organic, sustainable and artisan dance and yoga wear that they embellish with one of a kind airbrush designs. Their clothing is comfortable, durable and has a style that allows you to stand out and shine! Simple, funky and elegant cuts create a timeless look that flatter every body and many of their styles can be worn in many ways and in many situations. Everything is made by the two artists who founded this company and they strive to be as sustainable, both environmentally and economically. 

KrakenWhip Designs Based in Oakland, KrakenWhip specializes in making clothing and accessories from upcycled and salvaged materials. Amongst her unique handmade creations, you’ll find pocket belts and holsters made from scrap leather, bustles made from interior design fabric samples and thrift store clothing, and yoga and dance wear made from organic cotton. You can also get custom pieces made just for you to go with your favorite Burning Man outfits!

KrystalLove Peter Pi-Te Pan is a local jeweler who sells his gem stones and rock crystals, which carry Cosmic light and healing vibrations. Each stone brings a unique energy that helps balance our physical, emotional and spiritual space.

Leom Designs is a Santa Cruz based company creating unique clothing for men and women made for freedom of movement and expression. Functional, comfortable, wearable Art. Leom Designs makes clothing that moves, flatters and lasts and is made to make you feel more at home in your own skin.

Lev’s Original Kombucha – They brew Kombucha from the world’s best whole leaf tea and their Kombucha is 100% raw, low in sugar and loaded with beneficial amino-acids. They brew the Kombucha in small batches according to their old family recipe, using modern technology and fermentation science — their Kombucha is guaranteed 100% Probiotic.

Light Up Coats creates hand tailored fabulous Royal Robes and custom clothing and outrageous light up faux fur coats and accessories. Hand made in Northern California. Visit us online at lightupcoats.com

Little Cat Craft makes handmade greeting cards. Laura Mikami, the designer, only sell things that she would be proud to give to someone she loves.

Lunabrite Light Technology is passionate about helping you add glow to your creative designs. Their versatile glow materials bring a distinctive illuminating accent to apparel and accessories; personalize outdoor spaces or even incorporate a highlighting glow into molded resin parts. Imagine the creative possibilities!

Maha Devi Designs yoga wear inspired by patterns from nature and goddess energy (hence the name: MahaDevi meaning Great Goddess in Sanskrit). Sustainable Organic, Cotton and Bamboo Clothing.

The Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative was started by a group of UC Berkeley students in 1971 in the basement of the university’s Student Union building, and incorporated in 1973. Since the beginning they’ve been worker owned and more than 40 years later they’re still here and for one day a year, at Berkeley Spark, giving advice on bike maintenance and selling accessories for the playa.  And stop into their shop on Shattuck Avenue for free bike classes every second and fourth Thursday at 7:30pm

Opal Moon Designs = Threads To Transform Your Spirit… Kerrie Kordowski is the woman behind Opal Moon Designs. Her passion is creating comfortable, striking garments of high quality that showcase a vision both bold and elegant. Inspired by ancient mythology and science fiction, Kerrie describes her style as: “Tribal Sci-Fi”. Her garments transform and empower the woman who wears Opal Moon, instilling strength, beauty, form, and function. A business proudly built on integrity: unique design, premium quality, and every garment is handmade in Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.

Peach Chain Joe makes ceramic and wood pendants and sculptures with words for “peace” in 100 languages and are “A Peace Chain” for a peace chain reaction! Since 1991, Joe has made and distributed more than 500,000 pieces and we believe him when he say he will be making them for the rest of his life and his pendants and sculptures have been spotted around the world, on every continent, including Antarctica! 

Peach Jewel Blanca Bawden has been creating jewelry since she was about 6 years old, which consisted of taking apart her mothers unused jewelry and creating new pieces, tagging along with her parents to estate sales and scoring some antique pearls and restringing them with pretty crystals and giving them as gifts to her family and friends. She has a passion for creating high quality pieces that will not tarnish and last, PeachJewel is determined to change the way we buy jewelry. Their designs are strong, durable and made from only the best materials in compliance with EU regulation EN1811-2011 and of course, all at an attainable price point! PeachJewel was born of Blanca consistent desire to start a jewelry business and a tiny obsession with high quality gemstones with a peachy hue such as Tourmaline and Morganite. She is happy to share some of her little creations with you and hope that you enjoy them!

PocketMe‘s 3D Photo Booth is located on Shattuck Ave between Allston and Kittredge. Stop by to experience seventy cameras that will instantly capture a 3D image of you, your loved one, or your pet. Customers can order lifelike figurines in various sizes that will arrive by mail. They will be at Berkeley Spark talking about their design and how you can experience your own 3D image!

Rana Satori Design 

Revisions Art Collective is a dynamic collective that has an art studio and gallery located in Berkeley. The art studio specializes in working with at-risk youth ages 15-25 to become self-sufficient, and independent by creating and selling their own art. The gallery offers radical adult night gatherings and a variety of art specific classes such as crafting living frames, terrariums, custom mosaics and you can cultivate your own fun!!!

Sefirah Fierce Designs is an independent fashion design company created, crafted, and operated by Sefirah. The clothing line embodies movement, freedom, and self expression on the daring edge. In 2015, seeking a more sustainable business model, a smaller carbon footprint, and a more personal relationship with both my clients and my craft, Sefirah Fierce Designs transitioned into a 100% locally-produced clothing company.

Sensory Revolution is a resource for personal evolution. Offering organic natural maintenance and self-care through eco-friendly, bio-friendly, and psycho-friendly products and services: uniquely textured aromatic bathing & showering salts; multipurpose aromatherapy sprays for faces, bodies & spaces; gum strength freshener & healing mouthwash concentrate; and nutritional seasoning blends, flavorful & boosting. Founder, creator and also holistic practitioner @ Interactive Bodywork, Lisa Vincenti believes in passionately enjoying life lived well together on this magnificent planet. How lucky can we be? Luck is the residue of design, so we invite you to design your lifestyle with beautiful practices and a humanely wild sense of adventure.

Shari Milner Designs is based in Inverness California, in the beautiful hills between the Tomales Bay and the ocean. This setting inspires her creative work in her jewelry designs with semiprecious stones, pearls, silver, gold and glass. Showing and selling her work in many Bay Area boutiques and galleries, she is strongly influenced by the soft colors and shapes in her surroundings and is reflected in the flowing lines and evocative colors in her collection of wearable art. Shari is a member of the local Artist guild, which host the Point Reyes Open Studio twice a year.

Skin Care by Feleciai celebrate the Art of Bathing. Each product is handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients including organic nilotica shea butter, organic raw sugar, golden jojoba oil, fragrant olive oil and scented only with essential oils. Create the perfect relaxing experience with products which are made to rejuvenate, relax, and uplift you.

Spirals and Sparkles Marion Maenner describes her mandalas as “Candies for the Eyes” and THE MANY COLORS OF MINDFULNESS – ” A contemporary approach to express the Beauty of Philosphie in an artful way.”

Spirit Lodge Emporium 

Splendid Colors Kathryn Hedges helps people express their own creativity with jewelry and craft kits featuring her visual interpretations of the cultures, subcultures, history, and natural environment of the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. Her designs combine whimsy and elegance, laser-cutting and hand-painting. For jewelry, she laser-etches and laser-cuts sheet acrylic and finishes with metallic or colorful paints; some styles include rustic beads or brilliant Swarovski crystals. Craft kits are laser-cut from masonite, some with intricate illustrations drawn by laser and highlighted with cutouts; all have professional-quality instructions and are easy to assemble.

Steamy Tech Since 2012, Lora and Greg Price have been using laser cutters and 3-D printers to build steampunk inspired kinetic art available as completed products or as kits to build yourself. They are pleased to be creating Steamy Tech labs a new place for you to join us and create your own customized pieces without having to be an expert with the tools. Come by our booth and create your own light-up pins on our laser and then decorate it for yourself.

Subverse Industries Outfitters to the weirdos, the dreamers, the practitioners of the absurd, and those that seek to transcend the quotidian. With insane attention to detail and breathtaking quality, Subverse serves to usher in the new wave of handcrafted regalia for the counterculture community.

The Didi Project provides you with the opportunity to purchase unique handcrafted jewelry made by women in India who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Didi means “Sister” in Hindi and your purchase can help your sisters in India create the lives they deserve.

The Muses Offering offer a variety of adornments for your, body, free spirit, arm warmers, hooded caplets, pasties, magic wands, jewelry, pocket portals, and more. Their creations, all lovingly hand made just for you, and are mostly are one of a kind and unique and whenever possible, they are made from vintage, upcylced or creatively reused materials.

The Peace Up is the symbol of humanity rising up celebrating peace. It’s a re-branding and social practice art project designed to bring awareness to the importance of the inverted peace sign, and engage the public in peaceful and positive uplifting art. And its original art is a collection of articles ranging from paintings to T-shirts, prayer flags to stickers, and everything in-between. All artworks and designs promote world peace that intend to inspire and motivate people towards peaceful actions while creating revenue and proceeds for different charities and other organizations that help those in need.

Tamales Acapulco For the past twenty years Teresa has been serving up savory Mexican cuisine from her food truck on Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland, preparing authentic and delicious tamales, Pupusas, fried bananas and natural fruit waters.

The Mead Kitchen are purveyors of fine artisanal meads and a local favorite throughout the East Bay and in San Francisco.

Tibet Horizon offers a mix of carefully selected Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Tapestries, Jewelry influenced by culture, life, designs, and philosophies of the Himalayan regions and beyond.

The Window Lady Janay Rose, aka the window lady, is a one person fashion house, creating one-of-a-kind theatrical clothing out of all reclaimed materials. Her work has been running around burningman for 12 years now!

Watada Studios makes uniquely modern jewelry with a vintage twist. Additionally, she hand sculpt keepsake treasure dolls made from vintage treasures that she can repurpose and give new life turning the dolls into wearable art as pendants or brooches.

whoop! is having fun, implementing mad ideas, spreading truth and beauty, and creating consciousness and innovations in recycling, salvaging, and repurposing. Festie, circus, fairy, fun, stop by to check out Kat’s designs and test her whoop hoops.